Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Into The Cauldron of Iron

strong as the generations who passed it down

through two centuries reluctant to

surrender its many secrets

we placed chunks of fat garnered from a pig

well-fed from our excesses

rice, pandanus leaf, wilted carrot and banana peel

slippery with heat succulent and irresistible

to porcine tastes

a fire burned slowly

humming softly auntie fanned away flies

chased away memories of screams from

the surprised and indignant swine

slaughtered by a neighbor and caught

the blood in an enameled pan for

sausages later on that day

but the fat we rendered and watched

as it slowly pooled into lard

satiny and delicious strained

three times through finest cheesecloth and

within a crockery pot upon a shelf

placed regally in the pantry

lard to lace through stringy roasts

lard to shave into slivers for bocadillos

lard to cream into golden tortas.

as our treasure depleted we knew

our time had come to depart but the perfume

smoky and deep transports me back to Manila

a slower time, zephyrs forming overhead

tradition placed within my soul

Lorraine Cathey

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Into The Cauldron of Iron
Lorraine Cathey

Lorraine Cathey Biography

Lorraine Cathey is a Tsalagi'Illocana from the Bay Area, who studied at Mills College, and Stockholm University. She has been witness to the vibrational aspect of the creator in all things, and thus finds evidence of the creator everywhere. Lorraine can often be found chatting up tourists, and redirecting them towards the wonder that is her native home.