Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Blessing For the Meal

You Who Created All Of Us

and we the Creation

we love each other.


and her many harvests

they love each other.

The cook and her handicraft

they love each other too.

All is love here.


Indira Allegra

contents of issue 3

Blessing For the Meal
Indira Allegra

Gracias, Sabás
Brandon Cesmat

Red Door on Mott Street
Stephania JT Russell

Howard Miller

Martin Hinkel

Cooking Stories
Linda Boyden

Table Leavings
Rain Prud'homme_Cranford Gomez

Kabubu Bread
Luke Warm Water

Into The Cauldron of Iron
Lorraine Cathey

Indira Allegra Biography

Indira Allegra is a writer and interdisciplinary artist representing poetry through performance, video and fiber arts. She is currently co-director for Artists Against Rape and a former member of the artistic core of Sins Invalid. Indira is a 2012 Lambda Literary Fellow and a Voices Of Nations Arts Alum.