Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


apples __ YES...
the cherry_yellow pie kind
striped sweet & crisp
find the ground & rot

I've always lived near trees

but yesterday I heard a thump
& found a different gift
pounding out life -- a quail
my window had clearly killed

I worry about finding things
friends -- money -- love
but this bird -- her breast
still warm -- game me to understand
waste is not loss -- nor wealth gain

no dumpster

an oven deserved
her soft remains
which I plucked
& baked with rice...

Martin Hinkel

contents of issue 3

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Indira Allegra

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Brandon Cesmat

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Stephania JT Russell

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Martin Hinkel

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Linda Boyden

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Rain Prud'homme_Cranford Gomez

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Into The Cauldron of Iron
Lorraine Cathey

Martin Hinkel Biography

martin hickel grew up in marin __ works in san francisco & writes poems wherever & whenever the urge demands. he also puts on readings (sunset poetry by the bay & marin poetry festival) & loves to perform __-- like any trained seal...