Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Kabubu Bread

Knuckles hidden under

fleshy fists repetitive soft punches

rhythm drum beats kneading dough

Mother shaping a mass with prayer hands

commodity flour, sugar, salt, lard

into oven pan bread

Baking smell is effervescent bon appetit hunger

greasy family smiles laughing across generations

Lakota tezis (bellies) happy

my memories remembrance before mom passed

when I was 19 in 1984

Sitting in Oakland decades later

at my kitchen table

missing mother's kabubu bread

while making cinnamon toast

on wheat bread

for my 5 year old daughter

sharing first smile bread bites

Reminding myself, carrying forward to her

family heritage in a good way

stories of my daughter's unci (grandmother)

that she will never meet in this lifetime

yet will need

Luke Warm Water

contents of issue 3

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Luke Warm Water Biography

Luke Warm Water is a self taught poet born and raised in South Dakota. He is Lakota Tribe American Indian. Luke has been published widely and has featured at literary venues across the U.S. and in Europe. His latest chapbook is City Tree of Concrete & Hope (2012). Luke currently lives in Oakland, California