Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Dawes Commission: Found Poem

Alma L. Bell & Eddy C. Shoemake
vs. Cherokee Nation.

Office Commission on Citizenship
Sept. 12, 1889

Dennis V. Bushyhead
who after being duly sworn states
as follows:

I am 63 years of age.

Live at Tahlequah
Cherokee Nation.

I don't know of any Cherokees by
the name of Shoemake.

When I lived in California there was a family of Shoemakes and Oxendines
that lived in one neighborhood who claimed
to be Cherokees.
That was in Calaveras County.
They came to that country from
Sebastian County, Arkansas

and looked like darkys to me.
Some of them were
nappy headed.

Qwo_Li Driskill

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Dawes Commission: Found Poem
Qwo_Li Driskill

Qwo_Li Driskill Biography

Qwo_Li Driskill is a Cherokee Two_Spirit/Queer writer, performer, and activist. S/he is the author of Walking with Ghosts, co-editor ofSovereign Erotics and Queer Indigenous Studies, and an assistant professor of Queer Studies at Oregon State University.