Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


There is nothing to name
in the desert
for rough tongues to render in pieces
what is part of a whole

arms that give cool, dark shadow
when rocks are too hot to rest on
cannot be contained in your word


as you say it
cannot tell
how skin peels in a fire
does not allow for my color to grow
in small populations on the mountain

Juniperus Communis says nothing

of hard berries swallowing
the sky down into my bright clusters
to be taken as medicine

there is nothing for you here
not to categorize
or to count
or to colonize
with your word.

Indira Allegra

contents of issue 2

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Indira Allegra Biography

Indira Allegra is a writer and interdisciplinary artist representing poetry through performance, video and fiber arts. She is currently co-director for Artists Against Rape and a former member of the artistic core of Sins Invalid. Indira is a 2012 Lambda Literary Fellow and a Voices Of Nations Arts Alum.