Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


i heard that geronimo
once stopped time
so his band
could reach a safe place
before sunrise

i believe it

a clock is a shabby

the great moose of
celestial movement
syncopates with
need & desire
like a good bass

do salmon swim
up equinox creek
when they feel the sun
cross the equator

or does the sun race
for that line
when it sees the salmon
approach the estuary

i wish my mother
had told me about
not george washington's
cherry tree.

i wish geronimo's
picture had hung
above the blackboard
in my third grade class.

i wish there were
no blackboard
only geronimo's picture
tucked in third grade
running & laughing
among trees.

i wish we would all
reach a safe place
before dawn

Sandy Eastoak

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Sandy Eastoak Biography

Sandy Eastoak is a painter and writer. Raised by trees in New England, she currently studies and works under the supervision of redwoods and oaks in Northern California. Her art is dedicated to restoring harmony among all our relations.