Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

there will be singing in the morning

and singing in the night singing in the days
of want and singing in the days of plenty
singing alone and singing with ghosts
singing old songs and singing new songs we
will remember songs we haven't heard yet
songs that haven't been dreamt yet songs no
one has found the words for songs sung on
the road and songs sung in bed songs sung
while weeping and songs sung while waiting
songs for breath and sun and light and
moon and earth and water songs for
sustenance we will sing impossible songs
indecipherable songs songs that cannot be
heard and songs that cannot be shared
we will sing songs without words silent songs
and screaming songs songs that tremble and
songs we can embrace song and i live in
each other's skins song and i breathe each
other's breath take refuge in each other
passing silver fire light between each other&339;s
lips hot and cold at once naming and un-
naming freeing ourselves taking wing song
and i spiraling in the sky i would like to die
singing let there be song in my throat
spilling out let my last breath be song

ire'ne silva

contents of issue 2

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Lee Francis IV

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Edward Dang

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there will be singing in the morning
ire'ne silva

Dawes Commission: Found Poem
Qwo_Li Driskill

ire'ne silva Biography

ire'ne lara silva is the author of two chapbooks: ani'mal and INDíGENA, and one full-length collection: furia (Mouthfeel Press, 2010). Currently, she is Co-Coordinator for the Flor De Nopal Literary Festival. Her website: http://www.irenelarasilva.webs.com