Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

The Sap is Rising

There is a season
in my years
where spring thaws
create the
silver flecks
hatched amid the brown
glints of lightning
the sap is rising
where springs
flow deep in untended wood
and the mysteries
of dreams
color waking breath
the sap is rising

Abena Songbird

contents of issue 1

A Post-Colonial Irony
Tiffany Midge

The Diversity of Birds at Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma
Toni McNeilly

Nicole Henares

Stephanie JT Russell

Trace A. DeMeyer

Legend of the ancient song bird
devorah major

The Sap is Rising
Abena Songbird

Letting Down the Stories
Kimbeerly L. Becker

Abena Songbird Biography

Abena Songbird is an Abenaki (Missiquoi) poet/singer/writer born and raised over 24 winters in N'dakinna (our land) Vermont, lived and made poetry and song in Bay Area for many years, and is former coordinator of NACC and Glide choir soloist, part of indigenous music (blues, native poetry, jazz) duo, Songbird and the Moor and most recently living in sacred Black Hills of Rapid City, South Dakota. Former senior staff writer for Dakota Lakota Journal, currenty freelances for Native Legacy Magazine and works for South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Office of Multicultural Affairs as a full-time program assistant. One book of poetry, Bitterroot, one CD, "They're Calling us Home."