Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


I jump with evolution
As a child of the stars,
a witness to human frailty

I study the masters,
Mystics, prophets, poets
to absorb their magic

I propel mountains of knowledge
But fall back, poisoned by pollution
Broken by my own ignorance and innocence

My blood stores so many memories
every horrific mistake, every genocide,
Things I would just as soon forget
So I pray myself well.

Trace DeMeyer 2010

Trace A. DeMeyer

contents of issue 1

A Post-Colonial Irony
Tiffany Midge

The Diversity of Birds at Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma
Toni McNeilly

Nicole Henares

Stephanie JT Russell

Trace A. DeMeyer

Legend of the ancient song bird
devorah major

The Sap is Rising
Abena Songbird

Letting Down the Stories
Kimbeerly L. Becker

Trace A. DeMeyer Biography

Trace A. DeMeyer (Cherokee_Shawnee) is the author of One Small Sacrifice: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Project, published in 2010. Her primary focus is journalism but she whips up a poem now and again. Her website is: www.splitfeathers.blogspot.com.