Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


I enter El Hosteria del Laurel and a pigeon crooks her head one side.

The bar is air-conditioned, with legs of pork and cloves of garlic hanging from the ceiling, pictures and text from the legend of Don Juan color the tiles, and all is blessed by the horns of a black bull named "El Magnifico".

Outside the pigeon crooks her small head to the left, dips her beak into the cobblestones.

Because it is still morning, I order a mañanita- a shot of Anisette- like Lala and my Tia: A little something to start the day. A little something to heat the heart from within. But I am a fool who gets drunk easily. I am drunk on Anisette in Seville. And it is 120 degrees outside. I am on vacation and I have just spent 5 euros for a drink I cannot finish.

Outside, the pigeon crooks her small head to one side, dips her beak into the tiny cracks between the cobblestones, a mañanita for the heat.

Nicole Henares

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Nicole Henares Biography

Nicole Henares bites her duende and savors the pieces like the sour seeds of the pomegranate. She lives in San Francisco with two cats and teaches English at Lowell High School.