Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Legend of the ancient song bird

for Jimmy Scott

he hopped up
from limb to limb

until he could see
the crested hill
where the sun rose

and the sloping rock
which the moon climbed
while stars cut the night sky.

and when he began
to warble his gravelly song

full of polished rocks
that rested on the riverbank

the other birds began
to still their own song

and remember flying
into a red fire sky
the wind lifting them up until

they could no longer
see branch or nest.

some recalled
swooping over the sea
caught in the tailwind of storm

or oil soaked feathers
and the desperate flight
heavy and solemn to land.

but most remembered
their own strut and dance

and spread their colors
pushed out their necks
and began to coo of lust
love and longing

even coyotes poised to howl
found their eyes full of golden tears

as the ancient bird
chirped his sonorous song

while slowly unfolding
his translucent wings
capturing the last silver rays of evening

devorah major

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Legend of the ancient song bird
devorah major

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devorah major, poet, performer novelist, San Francisco Poet Laureate (2002_2006). Two of her poetry collections are where river meets ocean and with more than tongue. She has published two novels An Open Weave and, Brown Glass Windows.