Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Land of Water

The Seagulls take the black eyes
from the mother's arms
and fly in them into the land of water
babies hearts floating around the barley fields
but the mothers still prying to the skies
to bring back the black eyes
The lovers left their homes and went to the long war
the grandmothers weave
to us a tent from the lovers' anecdotes
while the mother still prying to the skies
the skies send kisses, white roses and messages of tears
the message said "my dear mother don't pry anymore
the black war took the lovers far away in the water's land"
the Seagulls back again to take
Another lover, other black eyes from mothers arms

Suha Hassan

contents of issue 9

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Suha Hassan Biography

Suha Hassan is originally from Iraq, graduated from medical school in Iraq in 2007. She had to leave due to her work with US army in 2009 after she turned thirteen and was injured by the AL-QIDA . She currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon pursuing her master degree in WGSS.