Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

The ridiculous optimious of the Daffodil

An Interwoven Poem in Two Voices

Voice I

The ridiculous optimism
of the Daffodil
mocking torrential downpours,
relentless rain
Pollyanna yellow
and impudent green
bulletin bursting from this urban corner
A bugle's blast
announcing spring's arrival.

Voice II

This poem is not a speech
Not a tidy manifesto,
Ł with marching orders
Columns of strident syllables
This is not a soldier&$39;:s battle cry
but a plea, a prayer,
a rally for the soul,
a down-on-my-knees begging chant,
"Come, come,
let's gather together."

Zigi Lowenberg

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The ridiculous optimious of the Daffodil
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Zigi Lowenberg Biography

Zigi Lowenberg is a poet, performer and co-leader in the seminal jazzpoetry ensemble, UpSurge! She currently lives with her husband and creative partner in Harlem and Oakland. More about her @ZigarinaZigi and upsurgejazz.