Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


she moves through the rivers, streams and creeks of our veins
as she moves through the rivers, streams and creeks of Mother Earth

she remembers when life was born in the swirl of her
microscopic births from the remnants of stars and comets
coming to life in her liquid body
moving through her currents

life was good
its awakening beautiful
its movement something new
its consciousness blossoming
in the beauty of her liquid

one cell, two cell, three cell, four
a colony of lives developing into one
millennia passing with faces appearing
shells, fins, skin, scales, gills,
teeth,eyes, brains, hearts
she remembers every single development
of each and every type of life that was born
in the swirl of her

eventually we were created
full of the swirl of her running through
the rivers, streams and creeks of our veins
each one of us born in the pristine seas
of our mother's wombs
and she still loves us and remembers
the sequence of the birth of our kind

we owe her more than what we have
given back to her
we owe her more
than the pipelines of pollutants
pouring into her swirls
we owe her more
than the warming oceans and
acidification in her seas
or the garbage swirling endlessly

yet, still she is patient
still she loves
and there are those who remember
the sacred bond between us
who communicate with her
and speak to her swirls
and she communicates back
with dancing peaks of love

Pennie Opal Plant

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Pennie Opal Plant Biography

Pennie Opal Plant is of Yaqui/Mexican/Choctaw/Cherokee/European descent. She is a mother, grandmother, wife, activist, poet, and artist. She owns Gathering Tribes, a Native gallery store in Albany, California.