Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Water, Light, Sails Up! Reckless

water, light, sails up! reckless in the wind!

we are going, we go! dark waters chop

crayola says the color is this: Midnight Blue. I name you this, sea

(the favorite, the deepening, for comfort, a sweatshirt this color in winter against the rain, for basketball under drizzling skies inland)

but dahls porpoises that played moments ago are gone, we outside on decks sloshing, now it's turning dark, late winter storm coming!

to the tiller! ok! I rush. tiny hands undoing knots. one sail slack. we are bobbing in the water, it chops like our axe back home on winter wood, on the sides of The Otter, hard, on our small boat

suddenly in all the action, though we all must jump to feet, survival, save, not close to shore nor harbor, my child's mind flashes, inconveniently:

warm dinner indoors, spaghetti or glowing shrimp from a night catch, a gentle hand on my back

sing Raffi songs long enough to drive everyone nuts

adopt-a-whale bubblegum pack

my friends, new saddle shoes, our chickens, my new book

it's all waiting for me; all growing more dear, our storm worse, not better, San Juan Island rain pounds millimeter needling splashes into my fat redcold cheeks

Midnight Blue chops staccato unearthly experimental rhythms into our hull
new song, this storm, frightening, violence of nature, force we are at the mercy of!

all hands on deck! we are! tie her off starboard! ok! Midnight Blue, I pray at you, be gentle with us! I want to go back to school

and suddenly you do, winds ease, why she's - nevermind,

she is

calm, with a light wind

we sail in

Brianna Lee Pruett

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Water, Light, Sails Up! Reckless
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Brianna Lee Pruett Biography

Brianna Lea Pruett is a musician, poet, and painter from Northern California. Her latest album, Gypsy Bells, releases October 1, 2013, available on cd, vinyl, and all major online retailers. More information regarding her work can be found at BriannaLeaPruett.com.