Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


All my life I have thirsted
I came here thirsty
I pray for relief, and touch the
green earth, hoping for new life.

Kim McMillon

contents of issue 5

Considering Oceans
Linda Rodriguez

Howard Miller

Clear Lake
Martha Cinader Mims

Reflections on Water
John D. Berry

Jeanette Calhoun Mish

Kim McMillon

Mary Jean Robertson

Water, Light, Sails Up! Reckless
Brianna Lee Pruett

Red River Moan
Rain C. Gomez

Kim McMillon Biography

Kim McMillon has over 20 years of experience producing theatre in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. McMillon's radio show "Arts in the Valley" can be heard on 1480 KYOS AM in Merced, CA on Saturdays at 8 pm, and Sundays at 2 pm. She is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at UC Merced's School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Art.