Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


for iness little sanderson

i drive toward the arms of the canadian river
it calls to me
jealous of the hudson
murmering beneath my window
through long winter nights

rain sequins the windshield
a shy moon hides itself behind a veil of black clouds
radio stations fade with the passage of miles

in Oklahoma an owl waits silently
amid the rubble of my great-granny’s house
her face shines out from its eyes
its wings brush the cracked edges of memory

you were silenced before you could
finish telling me the stories
i am coming home
i am listening everywhere
for your voice.

From Work Is Love Made Visible, West End Press, 2009

Jeanette Calhoun Mish

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Jeanette Calhoun Mish Biography

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish is a proud Okie mongrel who drinks whiskey straight and beer ice cold.