Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

We circle the tipi one time

In a single file without words Each of us with our own separate thoughts. You're in your world and I'm in mine.

The night air is chilled ~ our breaths in visible cottony puffs.

An inch layer of snow covers the nightscape.

A hazy winter moon rests near the horizon.

And the warmth of the fire draws us within.

Juanita Padopony

contents of issue 7

Sweeping Away
Rain C. Gomez

Semper Fidelis
John D. Berry

To the White Woman Who Told Me,
Misty Shipman Ellingburg

Martin Hinkel

Kenzie Allen

washing dirt
Gary Gach

Linda Boyden

We circle the tipi one time
Juanita Padopony

Juanita Padopony Biography

Juanita Pahdopony is a Comanche enrolled citizen who writes poetry and creates mixed_media art. She's a retired Dean of Academic Affairs from Comanche Nation College, the first tribal college in Oklahoma.