Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

Sweeping Away

There's been a chipping off,
carving, and claiming from
waterways to inter deltas-
Second coming settlers
exploring bodies from fleshy
river banks to shaded pines.

You've got a mouthful of gimme, a handful of much oblige

Dwindling sands counted and stored
marked like inventory, numbered,
enrolled, verified, certified, organic-
Cataloged carefully beside red clay
and white clay samples-
Both entities whose bodies forget the
flexibility of coil pottery-
under browned silt worked hands

You've got a mouthful of gimme, a handful of much oblige

If the last bit of my home
sits caked down - a deep red line
under crevices of my toenails-
You would come sightseeing
only to dig it out-
Sweeping the dirt away.

You've got a mouthful of gimme, a handful of much oblige

Rain C. Gomez

contents of issue 7

Sweeping Away
Rain C. Gomez

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John D. Berry

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Misty Shipman Ellingburg

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Rain C. Gomez Biography

Rain C. Goméz, (Sutton Doctoral Fellow, Un Oklahoma) won 2009 First Book Award Poetry for Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory (Mongrel Empire Press- 2012), from Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas. Currently working on her dissertation: Gumbo Banaha Stories: Locating Louisiana Indians and Creoles in the Indigenous Diaspora of the American South, she has completed her second book of poetry Miscegenation Round Dance: Poèmes Historiques. Creative and critical work is found in: Tidal Basin Review, SING: Indigenous Poetry of the Americas, Yellow Medicine Review, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Louisiana Folklife Journal, Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, and various others.