Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit



Pictures from space show
changing face of planet
She wrinkles and dents
Recoils turning blue to brown
We map her in scars and erosions

Spinnin+g compass lost
cut me open this is my heart
I am made arteries tributaries
carrying generations of water

North Saskatchewan River to
Red River Valley of South
I empty out in warm salt Gulf

Etched on inside of skin
heart to womb I am a
cartographic map
raised keloid

Every trauma marked like
pipeline excavations
or fracking fractures
ripples through skin
vein, bone, marrow

Close your eyes
ignore blood
Read my open
flesh like braille

Pray this water inside
can still navigate me home

Rain Prud'homme_Cranford Gomez

contents of issue 10

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Melinda Luisa de Jesús

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Tommy Parrie

Michelle Pichon

The River Flowing Down Deep Inside Me
Lorraine Cathey

Ella Callow

Rain Prud'homme_Cranford Gomez

Rain Prud'homme_Cranford Gomez Biography

Rain Prud’homme-Cranford Goméz Ph.D. is winner of the First Book Award in Poetry for Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory, (Mongrel Empire Press 2012) from Native Writers' Circle of the Americas (2009). Her critical work is in American Indian Culture and Research Journal, The Southern Literary Journal, Louisiana Folklife, and Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond (2015 LSU P) among others, while her creative work can be found in various journals including Tidal Basin Review, Natural Bridge, Sing: Indigenous Poetry of the Americas, Mas Tequila Review, and many others. She is re-editing her second poetry collection Miscegenation Round Dance: Poèmes Historiques, and revising her first monograph, Gumbo Banaha Stories: Louisiana Indigeneity and the Transnational South based on her dissertation.