Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

A Tip From the Butterflies

Love in Action

is a transformation

making the heart bloom

revealing our heart's true motive

to Be Love

Selfless caring and sharing

come not from ourselves

but from above

washing away our delusion

of personal desire

our hopes and dreams

to find love

and to keep it for ourselves

when it is love

that finds us


opening a channel of surrender

making us an instrument of Love

we are swimming together

cross the river

where loving spirits live forever

emerging from the chrysalis

clear as a crystal

clean as a whistle

So live like a Butterfly

whose purpose in life

is to sip nectar

and make love

The rest of their time

is spent dancing with friends

each day sufficient unto itself

they never think to count the years

nor do they fear the future.

Nicole Savage

contents of issue 4

A Tip From the Butterflies
Nicole Savage

At The Stomp Dance
Linda Rodriguez

Gone Dancing
Deborah A. Miranda

Linda Boyden

Time of the Circle Dance
Mary Jean Robertson

Nazbah Tom

Nicole Savage Biography

Nicole Savage came to San Francisco in 1966 and survived those daze with her mind intact and her heart expanded. She is the editor of S.F.Heart