Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit


California Redwood, majestic with rough bark

But it spreads a shadow, the oaks need to bend

To access the sun's smile

Eucalyptus with chalk white bark

Here planted in not native soil

An outsider, maybe an alien or an unwelcome guest

It&@39;s bark no longer strong and solid

But have you forgotten your first kiss in it's grove

Or the scent saturating your Saturday morning

And as I meander further along Strawberry

Creek-the junction of the north and south branches

hear the gurgles

my mind meanders to the great rivers I studied in geography

The Ganga and the Yamuna, flowing from

mythology to today's metropolis

Once the pinnacle of purity, now in the

plains-plagued with the decomposing dead

and dirt of men and women coming to cleanse their sins

On the bank of Strawberry creek, someone points

Honey suckle with tiny berries - other shrubs

I cannot identify

And I long for the georgeous Gulmohar

with flaming red corolla or the

evening air filled with the scent of fresh jasmines

The blanket of stars I could see from our 2nd

floor flat in Mumbai

and the sparrows sitting on the window sill

Dawn - the murder of crows flying formation together

The air carriers-my blue angels when I was four

But now I return to Mumbai

The silence of the absence of sparrows

Filled by car horns and megaphones blasting music

And the night fills with halogen lamps and

neon advertisements

The stars of my childhood beyond sight

And the laborer plucking fruits in the field under the scorching sun

Or hammering a board at a construction site or within a house

Is now like the eucalyptus tree---unwelcome

And he too breaks bit by bit

Roopa Ramamoorthi

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